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Biomanufacturing - Bio004 - Immunology, Virology, and Vaccines

The "IVV" course aims to provide participants with a comprehensive review of fundamental concepts in immunology, virology, and vaccinology. This intensive program seeks to strengthen the foundational knowledge necessary to grasp these ever-evolving fields.

À propos du programme

Module 1-2: Fundamentals of Immunity

Module 3: Virology and Vaccinology Principles

Module 4: Vaccine Types and Development

Module 5: Interdisciplinary Insights into Immunology


Recommended background:

A comprehensive knowledge of fundamental biological concepts covering subjects like cell and molecular biology.

Target Audience

Professionals, graduating students and researchers looking for an introductory overview of immunology and vaccine development, this course provides fundamental information about the field of vaccinology. Refresher for operators in the field.

Recommended Reading:

Ghattas, Majed, et al. "Vaccine technologies and platforms for infectious diseases: Current progress, challenges, and opportunities." Vaccines 9.12 (2021): 1490.

Owen, Judith A., et al. Kuby immunology. New York: WH Freeman, 2013

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