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General Education - Formation Générale - RAC

John Abbott currently offers RAC for General Education competencies: English French - 2nd language Humanities Physical Education

À propos du programme

The Recognition of Acquired Competencies (RAC) process at the college level provides adults with the opportunity to have their professional and personal experience and competencies recognized and accredited.

The RAC process helps candidates who have significant experience in a field relating to a program of study obtain a DEC – diplômes d’études collégiales or an AEC – attestation d’études collégiales. The diploma obtained at the end of the RAC process is the same as one obtained by following courses taken during regular sessions.

Conditions d’admission

If you have work experience and are interested in being assessed in order to obtain College certification, this might be your opportunity. If you have studied in another country, the RAC process can help you work toward Quebec certification.

Who is eligible for the RAC process?

RAC is for adults who have a significant experience in a specific field – generally, a minimum of two years – and wish to have this experience officially recognized. To be eligible for the RAC process, you must meet the admissions criteria of our AEC programs. Click here

A RAC advisor will verify if your professional and personal experiences will enable you to acquire credit for the competencies of a given program of study for which the RAC request is being made.


The RAC process might be right for you if you are an adult who wants to:

  • improve your job prospects
  • improve your qualifications and keep your job
  • identify the competencies you have already acquired and obtain the ones you are missing
  • shorten your time in school
  • facilitate a career change
  • identify your training or retraining needs
  • obtain the prerequisites you need for certain training programs

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