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Green economy opens doors!

CEGEP network plays a leading role in establishing Quebec as a world leader in research, education, and the development of solutions for a sustainable energy transition.

At the core of this commitment, CEGEPs push the frontiers of knowledge and actively promote the transfer of essential technologies for the future ahead. 

Be a part of the movement and find your path in the energy transition! 



This sector includes several training programs grouped into four main categories:

  1.  Industrial Processes
  2.  Electrical Engineering
  3.  Mechanical Engineering
  4.  Chemical Engineering

Renewable Energie

This sector includes:

  • Training program in wind turbine maintenance

Electric Vehicle

This sector includes:

  • Training program in electric vehicle technology


There are other training programs that are related to the energy transition:

  • Biotechnology;
  • Water Management;
  • And more.