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Biomanufacturing - Bio008 - Six Sigma White Belt Essentials for Vaccine and Pharmaceutical Production Technicians

Empower your role in vaccine and pharmaceutical production with our Six Sigma White Belt Training, tailored for technicians seeking fundamental yet impactful tools.

About the program


1. Introduction to DMAIC

Explore the foundational aspects of DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control), understanding its basic principles and how it contributes to problem-solving. Gain insights into how DMAIC aligns with pharmaceutical and vaccine production processes.

2. Basic Process Mapping

Learn the basics of process mapping to visually outline workflows. Discover how this simple yet effective tool helps identify steps, roles, and potential areas for improvement in pharmaceutical and vaccine manufacturing.

3. Introduction to Root Cause Analysis

Develop an understanding of the basic concepts of root cause analysis. Learn how to identify common issues and contribute to problem-solving within pharmaceutical and vaccine production contexts using such tools as Fishbone Diagram (Ishikawa), 5 Whys Technique and Interrelationship diagrams.

4. Overview of Statistical Techniques

Gain a simplified introduction to statistical tools like charts and graphs. Understand their basic applications in monitoring and controlling minor variations in pharmaceutical and vaccine production processes.

5. Basic Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

Explore the fundamentals of FMEA to identify and mitigate potential failure modes. Learn how to prioritize basic failure modes and contribute to a culture of proactive quality management.

6. Visualizing Control Charts

Introduce control charts in a user-friendly manner. Understand the basics of chart interpretation and how they contribute to maintaining stability and predictability in pharmaceutical and vaccine production.


Designed for beginners, this program focuses on essential techniques to enhance processes, minimize errors, and uphold quality standards.

Embark on your journey to contribute to pharmaceutical and vaccine production excellence. Enroll now to gain essential skills as a Six Sigma White Belt.

Who Should Attend:

  • Entry-level pharmaceutical and vaccine production technicians
  • Those new to quality control and assurance roles
  • Team members keen on understanding Six Sigma basics in the pharmaceutical manufacturing context

Course Attestation and Professional Development