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IT Cloud Administration

In 2010, many network administration infrastructure moved from an on-premises to a cloud-based approach of implementation Since 2013 the features of cloud computing have developed significantly and cloud security has become a main concern in this fast-growing service. This program addresses the demand for professionals with training in both cloud and on-premises platforms.

About the program

This AEC is aimed at those seeking to work in a mixed Microsoft Windows and Linux environments to provide technical assistance on these platforms as well as cloud-based systems and platforms. Graduates from this AEC will find employment working directly in companies currently using cloud computing and hybrid models. Graduates may also work for companies that specialize in cloud computing consulting and networks, utilizing the cloud platforms from Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Among the positions the program will provide the skills to fill are:

  • Cloud Administration
  • Support Technician
  • Cloud Network Specialist
  • Cloud Consultant

Employment potential (2022 to 2026) throughout all regions of Quebec (Emploi Quebec, Job # NOC 2281) is considered excellent with a median annual salary of $58,000. It is important to note that in the Montreal region Amazon, Microsoft and Google all have datacenters with tremendous growth and a shortage of trained personnel.

Importantly, this program addresses the demand for proficiency in operating systems, virtualization technologies, cloud and network services, and security. Additionally, students will be prepared to write selected industry-recognized Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure certifications. 

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Condition of admission

Ministerial Requirements

To be admissible for this AEC program, applicants must meet the eligibility requirements in effect at the time as set forth in Article 4 of the College Education Regulations (RREC) . In particular, applicants must have received instruction deemed sufficient by the College and meet at least one of the following conditions:
(1) the person has interrupted his or her full-time studies or pursued full-time postsecondary studies for at least 2 consecutive semesters or 1 school year;
(2) the person is covered by an agreement entered into between the college and an employer or by a government program of studies;
(3) the person has interrupted his or her full-time studies for one semester and pursued full-time postsecondary studies for one semester; or
(4) the person holds a Secondary School Vocational Diploma.

College Requirements

(1) Basic computer usage including file structure and knowledge of basic troubleshooting of an operating system.
(2) Applicants will be asked to submit their curriculum vitae (CV) and may be interviewed and given an entrance exam in computer fundamentals prior to admission to the program to verify their qualifications.
(3) Potential candidates may be required to take an appropriate remedial course(s).
(4) Students must also have attained a certain level of mastery of the English language, in order to be able to deal with the course materials.
(5) Students' French language skills will also be assessed prior to starting to ensure their capacity to work in French.


Interested ? Join our wait list for the next information session ! https://champlainsaintlambert....

Champlain College Saint-Lambert

Attestation of College Studies (ACS)

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