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Techniques d'intervention en délinquance

This program trains people to work in both crime prevention and the social reintegration of offenders. Your training will focus on coaching, observation and helping relationship.

About the program

Program objectives
This program trains individuals to become technicians capable of working in the prevention of delinquency and in the social reintegration of delinquent individuals, either before they commit a crime, following a court decision or following a diversion.

These technicians have the skills and knowledge required to intervene daily and directly with male and female predelinquent and delinquent youth and adults or victims of crime. Their role involves three distinct components: guidance, observation and building a relationship of support.

Technicians intervene with adults or youth at risk of delinquent behaviour or at risk of reoffending. They work mainly in closed institutional settings; they must therefore be prepared to work as part of a team within a structured framework. This workplace reality is characterized by highly structured tasks, shift work and irregular work weeks.

With current criminal policies favouring community involvement, technicians must also apply intervention programs in open environments in addition to the more traditional closed institutional settings.

Graduates may find work in any of the following intervention environments or settings: schools, families, community service centres, recreational centres, youth consultation offices, youth centres, sheltered workshops, day centres, group homes, rehabilitation facilities, federal and provincial detention centres, residential or correctional facilities, prevention centres, safe houses, shelters for young offenders, drop-in centres for deviants and support centres for victims of crime.

Condition of admission

Before applying to a program leading to a Diploma of College Studies (DCS), applicants who studied in Québec must meet the following three requirements:

The applicant must have a Secondary School Diploma and be in one of the following situations:
The applicant has a Secondary School Diploma (SSD)*
NOTE: a SSD holder that has not passed the following courses may be required to complete remedial courses:
Secondary 5 Language of Instruction
Secondary 5 Second Language
Secondary 4 Mathematics
Secondary 4 Science and Technology or Secondary 4 Applied Science and Technology or Secondary 4 Physical Science
Secondary 4 History and Citizenship Education or Secondary 4 History of Quebec and Canada
The applicant holds a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS) and has successfully completed the following subjects*:
Secondary 5 Language of Instruction
Secondary 5 Second Language
Secondary 4 Mathematics
The applicant has training deemed equivalent by the College.
The applicant has training and experience deemed sufficient by the College and has interrupted full time studies for at least 24 months.
The applicant satisfies, if applicable, the special conditions for admission established by the Minister which specify the program prerequisites*.
The applicant satisfies, if applicable, any special conditions for admission established by the College for each of its programs.

*If the applicant is enrolled in school and completing his or her secondary studies at the time of application, the grades sent by the school must demonstrate that the applicant is passing in all the courses required to complete the SSD and required to fulfill the admission requirements.

3 years

Technical Program