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Biomanufacturing - Bio005 - Effective SOP Writing for the Pharmaceutical Industry: A Comprehensive Training Program

Unlock the art and science of creating effective Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in the pharmaceutical industry with our specialized training program. Designed forthose seeking to enhance their skills in SOP development, this course provides a unique blend of cognitive understanding, practical insights, and hands-on application. Elevate your SOP writing skills with practical tools and insights.

À propos du programme


1. Understanding How the Brain Works (Countering Human Error) - 3 Hours:

Discover the cognitive intricacies influencing SOP execution and compliance. In this insightful session, delve into the psychology of human error and learn strategies to mitigate risks through neuroscientific principles. Gain valuable insights into creating SOPs that align with cognitive processes, reducing the likelihood of errors in pharmaceutical operations.

2. In-Depth SOP Workshop - 2 Days:

Embark on a comprehensive journey into the world of SOPs, covering the why, what, and how of effective documentation in the pharmaceutical industry. This immersive two-day workshop combines theory, practical exercises, and real-world application, ensuring participants leave with a thorough understanding and practical skills.


Who Should Attend:

- Pharmaceutical professionals involved in SOP development

- Quality assurance and compliance personnel

- Operations and manufacturing teams in the pharmaceutical sector

Cégep John Abbott College (Continuing Education)

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Cégep John Abbott College (Continuing Education)


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