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Biomanufacturing - Bio010- Introduction to Microfluidics

Microfluidic devices have revolutionized various fields, including biotechnology, medicine, chemistry, and engineering. This introductory course will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of microfluidic principles, design, fabrication, and applications.

À propos du programme

Through a combination of lectures, virtual laboratory work, and practical projects, students will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to design, build, and analyze microfluidic devices for a wide range of applications.


Week 1: Introduction to Microfluidics

  • Overview of microfluidic systems and their importance
  • Fundamentals of fluid behavior at the microscale
  • Historical development and key milestones in microfluidics

Week 2: Microfabrication Techniques

  • Photolithography and soft lithography
  • Microfluidic channel design and layout
  • Material selection for microfluidic devices

Week 3: Fluid Flow in Microchannels

  • Laminar and turbulent flow regimes
  • Flow characterization and pressure-driven flow
  • Electrokinetic phenomena: electrophoresis and electroosmosis

Week 4: Mixing and Separation Techniques

  • Passive and active mixing strategies
  • Separation techniques: chromatography, electrophoresis, and field-flow fractionation
  • Sample preparation and pre-concentration

Week 5: Applications of Microfluidic Devices

  • Microfluidics in biology and medicine: cell analysis, DNA sequencing, drug screening
  • Microfluidics in chemistry and material science
  • Emerging trends and prospects in microfluidics


  • Two assignments to assess theoretical understanding
  • One final exam covering the entire course material


  • Research papers and articles on microfluidics and related topics
  • Online simulation tools for microfluidic design and analysis


This course is intended for students and research professionals from a variety of disciplines, who are interested in gaining a foundational understanding of microfluidic systems. The material is also relevant for scientists, lab technicians, entrepreneurs, and innovators who aim to incorporate microfluidic technology into their work.

Cégep John Abbott College (Continuing Education)

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Cégep John Abbott College (Continuing Education)


Particularités offertes

  • Duration: 18 hours