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Liberal Arts

This program introduces students to the intellectual heritage of modern civilization and provides a solid foundation for university studies. Critical reading and analysis of a wide range of thinkers, scholars, artists and authors will help you make connections across a number of disciplines.

About the program

Through a consistent, integrated and rigorous program of study, the Liberal Arts program enables students to discover the intellectual legacy of modern civilization and acquire a solid foundation of knowledge and skills preparing them for university studies. In order to meet these goals, this particular program of study focuses around the development of thought and learning. This core concept is reinforced through the topics and issues integrated within the program—topics and issued that have been reflected upon by different thinkers throughout human history. Humanity’s attempts at understanding God, man, history and institutions, nature and the universe through disciplinary study constitute the focal point of this program.

The basic methods used to help students meet the program objectives are reading and the critical analysis of thinkers, scholars, artists and important authors in a variety of disciplines whose work has helped develop human understanding and civilization.

Through an integrated project addressing a specific question or issue, students will establish connections between the perspectives and methodologies of various disciplines and achieve a synthesis focused on the unity of knowledge and the human condition. In addition to this, a specific course aimed at helping students understand the underlying themes that are common to various courses will be given once a year.

Students who complete this program meet the admission requirements for university programs in Social Science, Humanities, Communications, Administration and the Arts. This program is not intended for those who wish to pursue university studies in health or pure and applied science.

Condition of admission

Before applying to a program leading to a Diploma of College Studies (DCS), applicants who studied in Québec must meet the following three requirements:

The applicant must have a Secondary School Diploma and be in one of the following situations:
The applicant has a Secondary School Diploma (SSD)*
NOTE: a SSD holder that has not passed the following courses may be required to complete remedial courses:
Secondary 5 Language of Instruction
Secondary 5 Second Language
Secondary 4 Mathematics
Secondary 4 Science and Technology or Secondary 4 Applied Science and Technology or Secondary 4 Physical Science
Secondary 4 History and Citizenship Education or Secondary 4 History of Quebec and Canada
The applicant holds a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS) and has successfully completed the following subjects*:
Secondary 5 Language of Instruction
Secondary 5 Second Language
Secondary 4 Mathematics
The applicant has training deemed equivalent by the College.
The applicant has training and experience deemed sufficient by the College and has interrupted full time studies for at least 24 months.
The applicant satisfies, if applicable, the special conditions for admission established by the Minister which specify the program prerequisites*.
The applicant satisfies, if applicable, any special conditions for admission established by the College for each of its programs.

*If the applicant is enrolled in school and completing his or her secondary studies at the time of application, the grades sent by the school must demonstrate that the applicant is passing in all the courses required to complete the SSD and required to fulfill the admission requirements.

Available in 14 institutions

2 years

Pre-University Program

Establishments offering this program

Heritage College


Cégep de Lévis (Courses offered in French)


Student apartments available

Vanier College


Student apartments available

John Abbott College


Student apartments available

Champlain College Saint-Lambert