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Dietetic Techniques

This program prepares you to become a human food specialist. On completion of your course, you will be able to manage a food service operation, ensure quality control and contribute to clients’ healthy eating. Tasting a variety of foods will be an integral part of your learning experience.

About the program

Dietetic Technicians are food and nutrition specialists who perform various management activities. The Dietetic Technology program provides the training required to work in the fields of clinical and community nutrition, food service management, food quality control and the creation of new food products.

Career opportunities
This profession can be practised in both the public and private sectors: health and long-term care facilities, community organizations, cafeterias, early childhood centres, food service suppliers, the food industry and government public health agencies. Food service management

Dietetic technicians work as the head of food service operations: manage employees, handle cost control, coordinate the production and distribution of food, and manage reserves.

Agri-food industry
When working as part of the quality control department, dietetic technicians identify the physical, chemical, biochemical and organoleptic qualities of food and food products. In certain industries, they are also involved in testing, developing and marketing food products.

Customer service
When working in healthcare facilities, in collaboration with dietitians, dietetic technicians help ensure that patients adhere to prescribed diets and provide them with nutritional education. In the consumer industry, they help disseminate information in order to promote a specific food product, piece of equipment, work method, or healthy eating habits.

When working as part of certain federal, provincial or municipal programs, dietetic technicians apply hygiene and safety standards (or ensure these are applied by others) in order to promote food safety, workplace safety and the respect of specific laws in the area of food service quality.

Condition of admission

Before applying to a program leading to a Diploma of College Studies (DCS), applicants who studied in Québec must meet the following three requirements:

The applicant must have a Secondary School Diploma and be in one of the following situations:
The applicant has a Secondary School Diploma (SSD)*
NOTE: a SSD holder that has not passed the following courses may be required to complete remedial courses:
Secondary 5 Language of Instruction
Secondary 5 Second Language
Secondary 4 Mathematics
Secondary 4 Science and Technology or Secondary 4 Applied Science and Technology or Secondary 4 Physical Science
Secondary 4 History and Citizenship Education or Secondary 4 History of Quebec and Canada
The applicant holds a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS) and has successfully completed the following subjects*:
Secondary 5 Language of Instruction
Secondary 5 Second Language
Secondary 4 Mathematics
The applicant has training deemed equivalent by the College.
The applicant has training and experience deemed sufficient by the College and has interrupted full time studies for at least 24 months.
The applicant satisfies, if applicable, the special conditions for admission established by the Minister which specify the program prerequisites*.
The applicant satisfies, if applicable, any special conditions for admission established by the College for each of its programs.

*If the applicant is enrolled in school and completing his or her secondary studies at the time of application, the grades sent by the school must demonstrate that the applicant is passing in all the courses required to complete the SSD and required to fulfill the admission requirements.

Available in 7 institutions

3 years

Technical Program

Establishments offering this program

Collège de Maisonneuve (Courses offered in French)